Ebike Battery: Which One Should You Choose?

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An electronic bicycle is a great technological revolution of recent years. The battery-driven version of a conventional cycle is making the world a better place to live.

E-bike runs on a battery which gives power to the electric motor attached to the rear wheel. The electric motor gives you the extra power you need when you are tired pedaling on your bicycle.

Considering the several advantages of e-bikes like cost-cutting, environment-friendly etc, it is a preferable choice for daily commuting. All you need to is charge the battery when low and you are good to go.

However, E-bike’s battery comes in different variations. If you search in the market then you would find many types of electric batteries that you can install in an e-bike.


Types of E-bike Batteries

Sealed lead to lithium-ion, 36v to 48v ebike battery there are many kinds of batteries available for e-Bikes. Every kind of battery can fulfill your purpose, however, performance and durability is different with every battery.

  1. Sealed lead-acid Batteries:

Sealed lead-acid is one of the oldest kinds of battery, The greatest advantage of these batteries is the cheaper cost. Also, you can recycle them with no trouble.

If you are a DIY person then this kind of battery would help you to make your own e-bike easily.

Downside of a sealed lead-acid battery is that it is heavier in weight and store less electric power. In difficult weather conditions lead acid battery might not be the best choice.

  1. Lithium-ion Batteries:

Since its arrival Lithium-ion battery has proved to be a game changer of the battery world. Many devices including mobile phones, tablets, power banks etc use lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion battery is a better solution as it provides more stable power to the e-bike. The weight of the battery is less compared to lead-acid and capacity is higher.

Also, in different weather conditions lithium-ion battery outperform its competitors by a big margin.

  1. Lithium Phosphate Batteries

Lithium phosphate is the subtype of Lithium-ion battery. The base technique of making lithium phosphate is same as lithium-ion however, lithium phosphate can hold up more power.

If you want a battery that provides a great boost of power then lithium phosphate battery is a nice option.

  1. Lithium Cobalt Batteries

Lithium cobalt battery is a popular battery kind, a majority of e-bike brands are using this type of battery in their e-bikes. The upside of this battery is the higher power density and small size.

With Lithium cobalt battery you can expect more battery life. Also, they handle high and low temperatures better than other types of batteries.


Which one is best?

All batteries have some advantages and disadvantages. So, it becomes a matter of choice. Some people want durability, some want high acceleration, some want to carry less battery weight. According to your need, you can choose the right battery for your e-bike.

However, If I talk about a complete winner that performs well in any situation it is Lithium cobalt battery.


Final words

Choosing an energy efficient battery is very important for your e-bike, after all, you want a hassle-free daily commuting, right! With help of this article, you can decide which battery you want to buy for your electronic bike.

If you want to share your viewpoints or if you have a question to ask, please write in the comments box below.

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