6 plug valve advantages to look for

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Plug valve

A plug valve is an Automatic Recirculating Valve that uses a tapered or cylindrical plug to prevent or permit a straight-through flow. It is commonly used in many fields due to its significance. It is a two-way service valve that allows straight-through and has a closure component in the middle. In this article, various plug valve advantages will be discussed.

  • Simple design with few parts.

The valve in question has a one-piece valve body only. Also, it has a simple structure and a top-loading design which helps in ensuring there is no leakage. Its ability to support higher strength pipes increases the plug valve uses. Besides, it is convenient to use due to this simple design.

  • They have low flow resistance

Secondly, plug valve manufacturers use friendly materials which ensure low flow resistance. As a result, this feature makes it very significant since it can be applied in various industries effectively. For example, it can be used in medium chemical industries to facilitate for both gas and liquid flow. Therefore, it is more convenient and reliable.

  • Maintenance and repair can be done at the place of operation.

Although the plug valve price might differ in different shops, and due to different manufacturers, it is cheap to maintain. The reason behind this cost is the simple repair required, which can be done at its location of operation.  As a result, it becomes convenient and affordable to use plug valve.

  • Available in various designs

Arguably, the demand for plug valve uses is high due to its availability in many designs. Different users need different configurations of the pipe in question, for specific functions. For instance, the valve can be made into four ways, three ways, five ways, and six ways.

  • Provides reliable leak-tight service

Some gases can be a threat to human health when inhaled. Therefore, when used in various industries, the medium of passage needs to adequately tight. However, the gas plug valve is adequate for such purposes due to its tight seal, which can be easily preserved by a sleeve replacement or sealant injection. Subsequently, it is more effective and suitable for industries dealing with gas flows.

  • High durability

One of the advantages of a plug valve is that its plug and body has no wear because of its bushing cover. By replacing the bushing cover, which is economical and straightforward, you can completely update and maintain the valve in question. Consequently, the plug can have its long term durability, which is considerably competitive compared to other similar valves.

Plug valve
  • In conclusion

The plug valve is one type of commonly used valves globally. However, this is due to various plug valve advantages that the user enjoys. For instance, its simplicity makes it easy to use, the low flow resistance makes it more efficient, and its easy repair makes it convenient. Additionally, its availability in several designs makes it applicable in various functions, while its tightness and high durability are suitable to the user. 

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