How MPO Is Heralding a New Era in Fiber Optic Connectivity

by norwegianprototypes

The demand for faster and reliable data connectivity has increased significantly. This demand has outstretched the capabilities of fiber optic connectivity. These functional limitations of traditional fiber optic connectors necessitated the emergence of a new generation of connectors. Known as multi-fiber Push On (MPO), these new connectors use next-generation technologies to meet the demands of ever-growing data bandwidths and volumes. To know more about different MPO connectors and products, read this article.

  • Saving of space

MPO connectors are standardized interfaces that connect with different network cables. By bringing together fibers of various sizes, including 24, 12, and 8, MPO connectors allow networkers to create a single interface for cable connectivity. In data and telecommunication centers where an increase in data can exponentially increase cabling, cramming of cables is commonplace. MPO connectors prevent this cramming by creating an ultra-high density cabling system that saves space and is easier to manage. Your cabling rack space will be better managed when using MPO connectors.

  • Multiple Connectivity

MPO connectors bring together fibers of different sizes into a single interface. These multiple fiber optic cables can be from different clients. For data centers, this will translate into additional spaces on the cable rack and the circuit. The created spaces can be used for other connections. A data or telecommunication center using MPO connectors are, therefore, more prepared to meet the growing demand for data.  

  • Quick and Easy To Use

Newer versions of MPO connectors come with the push-pull tab connectors. These tab connectors allow for quick and easy connection with fiber optic cables of different sizes. Even in high-density network connections, network technicians have easy and maximum access to the cables. The push-pull tab connectors save time during cable installation and maintenance.

  • Installation Cost Reduction

MPO connectors create a single interface comprised of multiple fiber optic cables. Therefore, these connectors eliminate the need for multiple interfaces to achieve high-density installation, like in the case of traditional fiber optic cables. Additionally, MPO connectors free space on the circuit and the rack. These reduced requirements eventually translate into installation cost reduction.

  • High Bandwidth Speeds

Today’s data and telecommunication centers need high-speed data bandwidths to match demand. The high bandwidth speed applications used by these centers are supported by MPO connectors, which connector with both 8 and 12 fibers. MPO connectors can create a single interface for multimode fibers that support data transmission and receiving at high speeds.


The emergence of MPO connectors as standardized interfaces for switch-to-switch data connectivity has transformed data and telecommunication usage landscape. The connectors are versatile. Besides, they connect with cables of different sizes. MPO connectors are cost-effective when it comes to network installation and management due to their compatibility and versatility. The connectors have become the go-to option for networking, edging out traditional fiber optic cables.

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