Business Stickers to Boost Promotional Activities

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Business Stickers

Using custom business stickers (know more) has been of great help in promoting businesses and ideas in the last three decades. The importance of business stickers has shown itself in how it helped politicians win elections, grown startup companies and helped in advertising. Even with these statistics, they are still economical by all standards.

It is surprising to note that not enough attention is being paid to the importance of stickers in businesses today.

Reasons to Consider Custom Business Stickers

Custom business stickers are not just for bumpers

Gone are the days when stickers are limited to car bumpers when all stickers had the same boring look. Big white triangular stickers solely made for car bumpers. Now there are all sorts of custom stickers in different shapes and sizes used for different kinds of promotional purposes.

Today, you can place stickers on any and everything including windows, doors, laptops, smartphones, water bottles and a lot more.

Connecting the old school way

Business stickers are an offline physical form of social media. Posting, pinning, liking and tagging which are all social media terms started with the use of custom stickers

The importance of stickers cannot be overemphasized. If properly designed and well distributed will continually be a great source of cheap publicity.

Business Stickers

Business stickers go well with the word of mouth

One of the greatest tools for marketing is the word of mouth. It’s a wrong notion to think that offline publicity is not as effective as online publicity. Offline publicity unlike social media deals with a lot of word of mouth endorsements from known acquaintances.

A lot of people tend to trust these more random adverts. Custom stickers are the perfect means of enhancing word of mouth.

Friendly or subtle marketing

Unlike social media marketing, business stickers are more engaging. With the torrent of adverts coming up daily on social media it’s easy for yours to get overlooked.

Custom stickers tend to be more friendly, a form of personal endorsement. It most times will not come off as advertising rather will look more like a badge that endorses and idea or product.

Business Stickers

A gift

In any form it is used, a sticker will still be affordable, whether posted on objects or just handed out. Unlike other means of publicity like flyers or posters stickers are not easily discarded. They are more valuable and can keep the recipient engaged for a very long time.

The thought of how to use it would occupy their minds getting them accustomed to its purpose. The recipient might even see it as a gift. This shows the importance of stickers in promoting your business. It is also a form of in your face advert. It can be viewed by the same persona a thousand times and over in a day.

This way it becomes part of their subconscious and they will never forget you. You become their first point of call when a related service is needed.

Business stickers are good for branding purposes

Business stickers are not only to be handed out but also serve as a cheap form of branding for products. Sticking a custom sticker to your packaging, product or service equipment could go a long way in publicizing your business.

In as much as word of mouth is good, you cannot always rely on other people to be your advocates. Placing a sticker on everything that goes out from you would have effectively endorse yourself without being present there. You just killed two stones with one bed, branding and advertising.

Business Stickers

Personal marketing/distinctiveness

Like in every other form of publicity (logo, flyer, billboard, onscreen adverts and so on). There are specific questions to ask before designing. This will help in clarifying and focusing on the right audience to target. It also will help your distribution tactic. The following are the must ask questions.

  • Who do I want to connect with (who are my targeted market)?
  • Where are they? How do I connect with them?
  • What interests them (what is their want/need)?
  • What is my distinctive offer am I proffering, message (identity)?
  • How do I send and transmit my message/identity clearly, graphically, simply and quickly to my target market and prospects?

It complements and enhances other marketing tools

Apart from being used for branding and exposure, stickers can also be used to enhance other forms of publicity. For instance, while doing publicity on social media you could exchange stickers for people addresses.

You can also use a sticker to pass on a piece of information by writing on the back of it. The importance of stickers is in its versatility, its ability to function for different things under different occasions. It can become a tool to strengthen communication, more often than not it is always sending direct messages.

A well-designed sticker and an interesting sticker campaign can result in a very successful public relations campaign.

Business Stickers

Business stickers can become a product that is profitable

When you have a good sticker it can become a product on it is own. The right slogan, great brand name or logo image can become so profitable that people wouldn’t mind paying for it. You don’t have to be a big brand like LG or SAMSUNG to achieve this.

All you need is your uniqueness and great brand advocates. Your targeted market should also be interested in. This way you can create a brand that is valuable enough for people to want to showcase it. People wouldn’t mind identifying with it.

Again the importance of stickers cannot be overemphasized, stickers can go farther than any other marketing tool would.

While trying to publicize your business with the stickers, also put into consideration your customer’s preferences and needs. Make sure your stickers fit into their needs as well as yours, it should work for both your needs.

Business Stickers


Your brand can do better with the addition of business stickers to your publicity material. It is a marketing strategy that will always be in vogue and will go farther than any other tool.

It will also last longer. Stickers if well utilized remains the most inexpensive form of marketing for any business. With this new exposure, you should be considering getting stickers online or from Zigpac for your businesses.

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