Reasons why you should buy new horizontal directional drilling equipment

by norwegianprototypes
HDD machine

Unquestionably, uses of horizontal directional drilling equipment have increased in the recent past. Consequently, the market for the used units has also increased. Comparatively, buying a new machine is more advantageous than purchasing a used one. Arguably, the lack of adequate finances has been the primary reason why many people go for used HDD machines. However, you can get the best HDD machine price in China and enjoy the many advantages that come with a new unit.

  • New units offer more guarantee

A new Horizontal Directional Drilling machine comes with new parts and tools, thus enabling you to enjoy its relatively long life span. Comparatively, a used unit has a lesser lifespan since most of its components have started wearing out. Therefore, you will be most likely to replace most of the used machine’s parts, which might be relatively expensive for you.

  • Technological improvements

Technology is advancing at a relatively fast rate. Similarly, HDD machine specifications are being replaced with better ones in a short duration, thus improving the machines’ performance. Therefore, if you purchase a new horizontal directional drilling machine, it is more likely to offer you better services than a used one due to improvements made.

  • Price range difference

Although new HDD machines are slightly expensive than the used one, the other benefits that the buyer enjoys outdo the relatively high price. In the modern days, horizontal directional drilling price list for new machines is relatively fair. Due to its original parts, the maintenance is also lower compared to a used unit. Besides, a new unit is more convenient because no major break downs are experienced; thus, there is work continuity. 

  • Information concerning the machine

For a new HDD machine, a lot of details are provided, thus enabling you to determine its lifespan. Conversely, it is not easy for a buyer to get full information concerning an old machine. Although some information such as year of manufacture might be given, some such as the environment of directional boring work it has been operating in might be hidden. Some parts of a machine that has been working in a rocky area might need a replacement faster than expected.

  • Limited spare parts

Some spare parts of a used HDD machine may be relatively hard to find, more so if the model of that machine is no longer manufactured. Also, such components can be relatively expensive due to their scarcity. Most HDD machine manufacturers in China are focusing on manufacturing of modern machines and spare parts hence making it hard to find replacement parts for the old ones.

In conclusion,

Used horizontal directional drilling equipment might seem cheaper compared to new machines in the market. However, purchasing an old machine might limit you due to regular break downs as a result of wear and tear. Apart from such circumstances being inconvenient, they are also relatively expensive. Besides, working with old machines might be slower due to a lot of time that might be required to repair them. Therefore, if you want to purchase a Horizontal Directional Drilling machine, the new ones, although slightly expensive, are more recommended.

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