5 Key Ways On How To Avoid CBD Vape Kit Dry Kits

by norwegianprototypes
CBD vape Kit

Hleef Shenzhen has reinvented the world of CBD vaping coils providing one of the best vaporing devices in the market. However, even with the purchase of high-quality devices, getting dry hits is a common occurrence. Unfortunately, because it has varying underlying reason including reduced air flow, reduced organic CBD vape oil and gunk on the Vape coils, most of the time it’s unavoidable. Nonetheless, this does not mean you cannot reduce the risk of getting dry hits. Below are key steps you can take to avoid CBD vape  Kit dry hits.

  • Prime Your CBD Vape Kit Coil

Priming is an essential part when using coils to ensure that the first hit is smooth. When using a brand new coil, the vape oil hasn’t sufficiently coated the coil. To avoid this, coat the new coil by dropping a few drops on the wick. Repeat this action until the wick is sufficiently coated without flooding the atomizer. Let it rest upright for at least ten minutes before use.

  • Break In Your CBD  Vape Kit Coil

Technological advancement has allowed vape to have different wattage control giving you more control over the results.  However, even after purchasing the best CBD oil vape pen starter kit in the market, breaking it in before use is imperative. Doing so allows you to adjust through the levels to sufficiently accommodate higher wattage levels without a jump hence avoiding dry hits. To effectively do this, start at the lowest wattage and work up to the wattage that you desire.

CBD vape  Kit
  • Switch To A Different CBD  Vape Kit Coil

It is a fact that not every CBD Vape Kit coil will be perfect or give you perfect service.  For that reason, if you continue getting dry hits, it might be time to consider that maybe the CBD vape cartridge that you have is the problematic one. The dry hits might be as a result of the coil hole or having a good sized wick hole. If that’s the case, consider changing it to a different CBD Vape Kit with a new design, that has a better-sized wick hole that can meet your vaping needs better.

  • Lower Your CBD  Vape Kit Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin has been used over time to give a smooth vape to most cloud chasers. Unfortunately, regardless if one chooses flavored or unflavored CBD vape oil, vegetable glycerin tends to react with coils.  The reaction is attributed to the thicker density it has; hence, the slower absorption and overall slower vape juice movement. To avoid dry hits, consider using lower vegetable glycerin to reduce the chances of getting dry hits.

CBD vape
  • Keep Your Cbd  Vape Kit Tank Filled

Whether you are a seasoned user or not, one rule you should follow through is to ensure that you always refill your CBD vape kit before total depletion. When the vape oil runs low, the coil is no longer submerged; hence, the wick is not sufficiently oiled. When this happens, it exposes the coil giving rise to a nasty dry hit. That is why it’s vital to always refill before hitting 20%.


Even though dry hits are expected while using a CBD vape  Kit, simple adjustment tips on how you use and care for your device can make all the difference. Avoid fast shallow drags and instead take longer drags. Overall, it starts with purchasing high-quality Vape cartridges from Hleef Shenzhen to get maximum value for your money.

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