Top 10 ERP to be watch-out for in the Manufacturing Industry

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In a typical manufacturing establishment irrespective of its area of focus, there are bound to be some areas and departments lagging. While some of them need to be scrapped, what so many more need is simply better management. It could be time for you to couple physical management with software management and as an organization, what better way to do this than with an ERP?


ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning in full, is a software that comprises various applications and systems used by organizations and businesses during the carrying out of their daily operations and activities. These activities and operations include manufacturing, sales and marketing, procurement, project management, accounting, etc. ERP helps connect these processes and operations in an organization to make said organization productive, work smoothly, and run efficiently, with the end game of seeing the organization grow and make profit.

Without further ado, below are the top ten best ERP software systems for establishments in the manufacturing sector:

  1. Brightpearl


This product which comes first on this list is a multi-channel system that has the capability of handling a large scale of business activities and operations, including accounting, reporting, inventory, customer data and orders. It also has flexible plans when it comes to its pricing to accommodate the varying budget of organizations.

What makes Brightpearl standout?

  • The Brightpearl ERP software is built for retail
  • The system is pretty affordable
  • Brightpearl software system also comes with a single information hub
  • Automated accounting
  • It has a comprehensive omni-channel platform
  • Brightpearl has a centralized inventory management

     2. Intacct


This system is a cloud-based software used for financial management. It was created for medium-sized establishments that seek solutions to malfunctions in their daily activities and operations. Intact is a versatile software specifically designed to increase establishments’ productivity, boost efficiency and help the business grow significantly in the long run.

What makes Intacct stand out?

  • Its interface is simple and clean.
  • Intact comes with a wide range of core accounting capabilities
  • Safe and fast payment processing
  • It has a scalable system
  • It offers solution for finance professionals
  • Built-in and customizable reports


   3. Infor VISUAL

This system was designed with manufacturing establishments who constantly seek a permanent solution to their whole operational lifecycle. Infor VISUAL offers overall functionality that covers all the operations carried out by the organization. It is presently being used by lots of manufacturing organizations especially those involved in aerospace, automotive, electronics, defence, etc.

What makes Infor VISUAL stand out?

  • On-time delivery
  • Complete visibility
  • Accurate operation
  • Full scalability
  • Efficient quality controls


  4. Sage 100 ERP

This ERP system is a software that was created for the purpose of delivering complete operation and financial functionality. The Sage 100 ERP comes with inventory and manufacturing features and comprises various modules aimed at covering several day-to-day operations.

What makes the SAGE 100 ERP stand out?

  • Its platform is highly-modularized and user-friendly
  • Stable and customizable
  • Built-in templates
  • Back-ups and security
  • The SAGE 100 ERP comes with its own customised sage data cloud

 5. SAP Business One


This system is a management tool made to reorganize the flow and storing of information through all the various scales of business.

What makes the SAP Business One stand out?

  • Automated financials.
  • It comes with a single data hub
  • Streamlined procurement
  • Efficient CRM.  
  • Integrated platform.



 6. NetSuite ERP

The NetSuite ERP is an integrated management software built with applications to deal with ecommerce, CRM, financials, and ERP. According to the last statistics taken, this software is presently being used by over 40,000 establishments.

What makes the NetSuite ERP stand out?

  • It is produced by the 2nd biggest software producer in the world – Oracle
  • Fast track quote-to-quote process.
  • It offers organizations complete visibility of their supply chain.
  • Accurate revenue recognition.
  • Optimized recurring revenue streams.
  • Streamlined fulfilment flow



 7. PeopleSoft

Another Oracle product on the list, PeopleSoft was created to help organizations boost their productivity via its collection HR functions.

What makes PeopleSoft stand out?

  • It is an Oracle product
  • Labour rules and monitoring.
  • Global HR management.
  • Connected applications.
  • Workforce management.



8. ECount ERP



This system is a software that allows organizations manage their day-to-day activities and operations such as sales, purchasing, production, accounting, and human resources all through a cloud-based system.

What makes the ECount ERP standout?

  • Unlimited users
  • Sales management
  • Accounting platform
  • The software is budget-friendly
  • Extensive features list

 9. Odoo


This ERP software comes with various functions aimed at increasing establishment’s productivity. It is different from the basic management software systems in different ways such as coming with a free basic plan for a single application that can accommodate up to 50 users, and the fact that it covers and enriches project management and essential sales with ecommerce, POS, and MRP functions, all in a single platform.


What makes Odoo stand out?

  • Free basic plan and a lifetime package at zero cost
  • Highly modular
  • Universal solution



10. FinancialForce ERP

Last but not least, the FinancialForce ERP is a software built for establishments that wish to make the transition or switch from a CRM platform to an ERP platform. The software helps arrange and organise your sales, finance, HR, etc. apps to give you (the establishment) the capacity to act from anywhere and clear visibility.

What makes the FinancialForce ERP stand out?

  • The FinancialForce ERP connects everyone.
  • Financial prowess.
  • It helps grow and update your ERP.
  • It combines CRM and ERP platforms

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