What is the Cross-Linked POF Shrink Film Manufacturing Process?

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Cross-linked Polyolefin (POF) shrink movie has emerged as a game-changer inside the continuously converting area of packaging substances. Due to its super features and advantages, this adaptable and modern packaging material has appreciably extended in popularity throughout several industries.

Thermoplastic polymer film of the sort known as cross-connected POF shrink film is distinguished by way of its unique features. The phrase “pass-connected” describes a system in which the polymer chains within the movie are chemically joined. Here is a link https://www.keeptoppackaging.com/product/cross-linked-pof-shrink-film/ to learn more about the topic. The film’s structural integrity is progressed by means of the move-linking, making it some distance extra resilient to ripping and punctures.

What Distinguishes A Go-Linked POF Cutback Movie From A Widespread POF Shrink Film?

The pass-linking manner is where the primary difference lies. Cross-connected POF reduces movie is bolstered, more pierce-resistant, and higher at keeping its form while subjected to warmth thanks to chemical bonding (pass-linking) between polymer chains. Without this pass-linking, ordinary POF cutback film won’t supply the identical stage of energy.

A network of chemical hyperlinks between the polymer chains inside the film is fashioned via move-linking, greatly enhancing the film’s strength, warmness resistance, and normal overall performance. Movies that have been cross-connected are greater reliable and long-lasting, making them perfect for demanding packaging applications.

Normal POF reduced film does not have the go-linked types’ improved strength and heat resistance. When faced with heat, everyday POF shrink movies can also have much less shrinkage and is more liable to tearing.

Production Process

Pass-related Polyolefin (POF) shrink movie is produced with the usage of a multi-step technique that outcomes in a strong and adaptable packaging material. Right here is an intensive clarification of the manufacturing procedure:

Resin Selection & Extrusion

Selecting the bottom resin, generally polyethylene (PE), is the first step in the method. Because they may be so proper at creating films, excessive-density polyethylene (HDPE) and occasional-density polyethylene (LDPE) are often hired.

In an extruder, the chosen polyethylene resin melts at a high temperature. This molten resin solidifies into a continuous, even layer. Diverse additives can be introduced to the extrusion system to enhance the movie’s features. Antioxidants, anti-blockers, and slip agents are a few additives that may be used to enhance processing and overall performance.


Go-linking is a crucial step in generating cross-related POF to reduce movies. In this technique, the extruded film is uncovered to gamma rays, electron beams, or chemical cross-linking sellers in managed doses. Inside the video, both strategies produce a web of bonds (pass-hyperlinks) between polymer chains.

The tensile electricity and tear resistance of the movie are markedly stronger through move-linking. Move-connected movies are beneficial for heat-shrinking programs due to the fact they are able to bear higher temperatures without warping or melting. Whilst subjected to warmth, the movie can decrease uniformly and firmly way to pass-linking.

Slitting & Quality Control

After the pass-linking process, the film is quickly cooled with air or water to maintain its dimensional integrity and stabilize its shape. While the movie has cooled, it is cautiously sliced into the essential width with the usage of slitting machinery. In keeping with the desires of the purchaser, this level enables the customization of movie widths. After being wound into rolls, the slit film is ready for distribution and further processing.

Printing & Packaging

Extra customization alternatives for move-connected POF-reduced movies include the printing of trademarks, labels, product info, or advertising and marketing messages. Flexographic or rotogravure printing strategies with excessive fine, and excessive resolution are often used for printing. The final cross-connected POF shrink film rolls are packaged accurately and made prepared for shipping to numerous markets and clients after modification and printing.

Environmental Considerations

Pass-related POF decrease movie is to be had from some manufacturers in environmentally friendly variants that use inexperienced resins or additives. These options cope with sustainability issues and match present-day developments in ecologically pleasant packaging.


Choosing the best resin, extrusion, move-linking for energy and heat resistance, cooling, slitting, exceptional management, customization, and packing are all steps within the production of a pass-linked POF cutback movie. A versatile packaging cloth regarded for its outstanding electricity, readability, and versatility in several industries is produced with the aid of this thorough method.

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