The top three CNC machining services

by norwegianprototypes

CNC machining is a popular subtractive method of manufacturing. It applies computerized machine tools to manufacture custom-designed parts. A computer that used programming codes is mandatory for this type of manufacturing. The programming codes are used to provide instructions that the machine tools will use to subtract materials from a workpiece until the desired result is achieved. CNC machining services refer to a wide range of operations where CNC technology and various types of CNC machining parts are applied. In this write-up, we look into some of the most common CNC machining services or operations.

1. CNC Milling

This is one of the top and most common forms of CNC services. CNC milling uses a rotating mechanism to cut and remove chips from a whole workpiece. This is done through physical contact until a desirable product is achieved.

Note, CNC milling technology is applied in various functions like slotting, chamfering, and threading. It allows manufacturers to produce intricate designs without needing more than one milling center.

This CNC machining service is top-rated because of its accuracy and tolerance. It is worth noting that various forms of CNC milling services are like; form milling, profile, surface, and face milling. Face milling and peripheral CNC milling are the most common forms. Face milling is used to cut shallow and flat surfaces.

On the other hand, peripheral CNC milling is applied for cutting deep cavities on a workpiece. Different types of materials can be applied in these processes. The most common materials are steel, aluminum, and brass. Various types of plastic can also be applied.

2. CNC Lathing

Also known as CNC turning, this CNC machining technology is used to create cylindrical parts. It is mostly used to make bushings and shafts. In this type of service, a metal apparatus spins under CNC technology’s control to move a cutting tool.

By doing so, it removes materials around the circumference hence producing a desired shape or diameter. CNC lathing or turning can be done using a fixed or sliding CNC machine head. The sliding design is usually cheaper and more efficient when it comes to production time.

It is worth mentioning that CNC turning can perform operations like; Boring, Facing, Grooving, and thread cutting.

3. CNC Drilling

CNC drilling is also a popular CNC machining service primarily used to create cylindrical holes within workpieces. It uses multi-point drill bits to achieve this function. CNC drilling can be used to make both angular and perpendicular holes.

Perpendicular drilling is usually the simplest to achieve because all you have to do is insert a rotating drill inside a workpiece. On the other hand, angular drilling is more intricate. It would require the use of clamping apparatus and specialized configurations on the machines. CNC drilling can also be used for reaming, countersinking, and tapping, to name a few applications.


In addition to the services mentioned above, CNC technology can be applied in a wide range of other operations. The types of CNC machining services depend on the type of CAD file and the intended design. For instance, CNC technology can be used for drilling, broaching, sawing, honing, and grinding, just to name a few.

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