Things That Define a Perfect Orifice Plate and Seal

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An orifice plate is a standard device that serves a wide range of applications. Its purpose is to calculate the volumetric flow rate of a liquid or steam. It’s a metal disk with a concentric hole that connects the pipe that holds the liquid. This device determines the flow rate by calculating the difference between the pipe’s upstream and downstream flow. The orifice fitting continuously measures the flow rate in the pipeline. The orifice plate and seal are mounted between orifice flanges in a straight pipe to avoid flow interruptions. So, what makes these parts perfect?

What defines a perfect orifice plate and seal?

The orifice plate has several features that make it a reliable measuring tool. It’s essential to know a perfect orifice plate and seal’s features to understand what you need to check when buying. Here’s what makes an orifice plate and seal excellent for work.


An orifice plate comes in different designs, such as quadrant edge, square edge, or segmental bore plate. A perfect orifice plate has precise dimensions, which are critical when calculating the rate flow. The device should have its sizes stamped on the plate.

Variation in types

These orifice plates come in three types. Each type plays a particular role in the running of the system. The concentric plate measures the flow of fluids, steam, or gas used in pipes below six inches. The eccentric plate calculates the flow of liquids such as oils and steam or fluids containing solids. Segmental plates measure the flow of slurry fluids and are pretty effective when handled and positioned well.

Smooth feel and condition

A ready-to-use orifice plate has a smooth surface that does not have dents or gouging. You can make sure of this by feeling the orifice plate for any bends, cuts, or other deformities. If a dented orifice plate is used, it will distort the differential pressure and give wrong calculations.

Sharp and crack free edges

Another part of the orifice plate that needs attention is the bore edges of the plate. This part is important because the fluid will continuously pass through here. The plate should be free of any cracks or gouges on its edge. It’s crucial to ensure that the edges of the bore are sharp. An orifice plate with cracks or dents on its edges will affect the flow rate.

Damage-free seals

An orifice plate comes with seals that hold the plate firmly between the flanges. A good seal is free of any splits or other forms of damage. If the seals are not in order, they can cause leaks around the plate.


An orifice plate and seal are essential devices in measuring fluids’ flow rate. Their simple design makes them easy to install, not forgetting their different forms and sizes. However, for an orifice plate to be efficient, it must have the correct dimensions and have the plate and bore edges in excellent conditions. Additionally, the seals should be in great condition to firmly hold the plate in its housing.

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