Basics Of Vulcanchem’s Periodic Table

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Periodic Table

A periodic table is a useful tool in Chemistry. It is used by students as well as scientists to predict the types of chemical reactions that a specific element can participate in. It also provides detailed information on different types of elements in chemistry. Different institutions have their versions of the periodic table. However, the basic components remain the same. On this write-up, we discuss VulcanChem’s version of the periodic table of elements.

VulcanChem’s periodic table

VulcanChem is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and provider of specialty chemicals. The products manufactured by the institutions are of high-quality. The products include building blocks, natural compounds used in the lab for scientific purposes, and reference compounds, among others. The company is located in California, USA, but has branches in other regions in the US, Europe, and Asia.

VulcanChem recently unleashed its molarity and molar weight calculators as well as its periodic table. Below are some properties of VulcanChem’s periodic table;

  • Order- VulcanChem’s periodic table is unlike others in the market. Instead of arranging elements in informational cells in increasing atomic number order, the table consists of 5 columns and as many rows as the number of elements in existence.
  • The elements on this periodic table are organized in alphabetical order. For instance, the first element is Actinium, and the last is Zirconium.
  • The table’s first column consists of the names, in alphabetical order. The second one displays the symbols of each element, while the third consists of the atomic number of the element. The fourth column displays the relative atomic mass of the elements, and the third one has a reference link to a wiki web page with more information on the elements.

Advantages of VulcanChem’s Periodic table

One of the main benefits of this periodic table is the fact that it is very simple. The fact that it is a simple means that it is easy to read and understand. Unlike other periodic tables of elements established by other organizations, you do not have to do any work to understand the table.

The periodic table also organizes the elements in alphabetical order according to their name. This is not a common element in other periodic tables.

Definition of important terms used on the periodic table

  • Element- An element is a component of a whole. Elements are found in all of the four substances discussed in Chemistry (air, water, fire, and earth). It can also be defined as a substance whose atoms all have the same amount of protons.
  • Chemical symbol- A chemical symbol is an abbreviation used in chemistry for each element. It consists of a single letter or two at most. The symbol can either be an abbreviation of the English or Latin name of the element.
  • Atomic number- An atomic number denotes the protons number in the nucleus of an element. It can also be defined as the number of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an element’s atom.
  • Relative atomic mass- this is the mass of an atom in a specific chemical element.


A periodic table is used to solve problems in chemistry. Periodic tables are available online and in print form as well. However, different sources provide different types of tables. Regardless, the basics like the element names, symbols, atomic mass, and number remain the same on each one.

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