Useful applications of 3D printers in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 Virus

by norwegianprototypes

The use of 3D printers in creating groundbreaking products is becoming a norm in various industries. The technology is not only safe and effective, it is also very efficient; many items can be created within a short span. One area where the use of 3D printing has gained widespread popularity is the health sector.

The outbreak of the dreaded coronavirus has created a vacuum in the medical sector. There is a noticeable shortfall of equipment and tools meant for combatting the spread of the virus. 3D printers are now used to produce this equipment in bulk with a view to reducing the shortages being experienced. This article looks at those areas where the use of 3D printers have proven pivotal.

Production of medical masks

Medical masks remain one of the most vital equipment used in curbing the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the medical masks are not sufficient as desired; this has become a dilemma. As a matter of fact, some countries have restricted the use of medical masks to only medical personnel. N95 masks are effective in keeping out viral particles from entering openings on the face. 3D printers are used in producing these masks in bulk to ensure it becomes sufficient.

Personal protective equipment

Medical personnel is at the forefront of the fight against the spread of the pandemic. These medical personnel needs some sort of protective wears to ensure they don’t get infected. Protective equipment includes; gloves, goggles and face shields. So many countries have resorted to the use of 3D printers in producing this equipment in bulk. It’s no gainsaying that the sufficiency of these protective equipment has helped keep health attendants safe from getting infected.

Ventilator parts

The corona virus attacks the respiratory tracts of its victims and they often find it difficult to breathe on their own. Ventilators help these patients to breathe well through mechanical means. One major issue that arose during the early days of COVID-19 was the shortage of ventilators around the world. Many companies took the initiative to address this shortfall by printing the parts of the ventilator. The use of 3D printers in creating ventilator parts resulted in the wide distribution of ventilators across the world.

Test kits

Certain tests are carried out on potential patients to determine their status. One of the many kits used include swab kits that are often found in testing labs. Several other components of testing are also produced using 3D printers.

Other applications

The coronavirus settles on surfaces touched by an infected person, many people are bound to contract the virus by touching these surfaces. Health authorities have advised against situations where people have to touch items in public areas; this is where 3D printers come into play. The printers are used to create items that are placed on public utility items like ATM and doorknobs, and even on cosplay, right, 3D printing for cosplay is real.

Final Thought

3D printers have found usefulness in various sectors across the world. One such area where it’s been used to great effect is the production of medical equipment. You’d find many 3D printers with varying specifications on the Printing Atoms website.

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